a rucksack full of clothes
memories, in every pocket
and one old, bulky laptop
to relive them all

i find myself asleep now
berth to berth, shivering
forgotten by life itself
and i – forgetting to live

trapped within my own mind
staring at walls made of failure
desperate for a window
just for a ray of light

aimless at the crossroads
dragging my feet on, and on
how i hope this sack were light
and i’d just find home


Endings and beginnings

Everything’s changing. Another chapter ends, only to turn a page into a new one. Sometimes I hate changes, sometimes I love them. But almost all times they feel scary. This is just one such instance. I am feeling anxious and nervous. Maybe some of it is the good kind of nervous. But most of it is a bit discombobulating. I don’t know what’s waiting for me in a new city. But I’m hopeful. Here I go…