so blinded by the popping colors
now blind to reality
a wish for truth can’t be granted
falsehood is the currency
and on we go, ignorance multiplied
averting truth left and right
all i care that my ego is satisfied
so what if i run away from a fight



raised arms searching desperately
for hope and a small degree
of happiness in this world
alas! the light botched my selfie


A photo by Julia Caesar.

a little hair out of place
a little longer in the bed
a little decibel higher
and i am judged

there’s a finality in that guess
no heed given to what i said
trying to balance a high wire
still i am judged

that plastered smile on your face
is that purple skirt with red
like a hooker on hire
yes, you are judged

everyone judges everyone else
but judge themselves, they see red
and yet goes on, this quagmire
we are all fucked

salvaging savages

inebriated with the power
of that bright flash
staring at me like magic
bright people telling stories
for the not so bright
chimps, just staring

and the magic screen
intoxicating the possessed
while the trees that lived and died
and even in death transformed
to a beacon of knowledge
now lie in dust