Good month, that January

Somehow I managed to write daily for the past month without missing a day. And I posted consistently on time. Well, more or less on time. When I started this little fad in January, I wasn’t sure how much longer I was gonna last. So I feel oddly proud to begin the next month with an achievement in the bag.

I write poems more than small essays, opinions, feelings or articles. Not because I love poems and nothing else (although this past month has helped me a lot in discovering great poems and that helps) but because I am lazy. There, I said it. I am very lazy. It started a long time ago when I wanted to jot down my thoughts and in the middle of writing I started feeling a little peckish. I knew leaving my diary down meant incomplete thoughts. So I took the easy way out. It worked. For some reason, I was happy with the final product and therein started the journey of a lazy writer.

Slowly, I did manage to understand them a bit better. Loving the way concise words presented complicated thoughts. Sometimes better than traditional writing. I still love both and would like to continue with both formats but my poems now are more than lazy thoughts. I hope everyone keeps enjoying the blog.

As always, I am open to suggestions that will help me get better. Do readers who read poems find normal articles worth their time? If you read this, feel free to reply. Let’s see what February  has in store. Cheers.


bad song

just cause it rhymes
a couple times
doesn’t turn those lines
into music that defines

just cause that bass
is at its ace
doesn’t make that pace
save your face

just cause that pitch
is high and rich
doesn’t make the switch
any less of a bitch

the song is addictive
the lyrics are deductive
but the heart is inactive
work hard. B+