wonderful world

i feel lost all the time
scared; petrified of the world
for it stares; piercing stares
to make me look down

and on it goes with happy lives
glossy finish and leather covers
never to find a speck of dust
while i bite it again and again

why must i be in a constant battle
without even a chance to prove
when the world moves just fine
with mediocrity abound

i feel lost all the time
angry; enraged at the world
for it laughs; petty laughs
to make me hurt myself

why, then?

we laugh we cry
we heave we sigh
when kids

a switch and
grown up litte shits
going precariously through
the motions of life

reality is much harsh
than our worst nightmares
for nightmares are courteous
enough to let you escape

but life, fucked up life
grabs you by the throat
flings you around until
handing over to sweet


i have demons in me
demons of my utter failure
gnawing away my life
crippling me from inside

my insidious fears
overwhelming my heart
beats running thunderous
for an unexpected stop

yet i’m to hold off
losing my composure
to maintain my dignity
and overcome failure

how am i to do this
when demons in me reside
gnawing away my life
crippling me from inside