truth hurts


why is it so hard
to squeeze in a word
from time to time

proficiency nullified
when faced with reality
of someone to pine

over, just like that
heartbroken and alone
and fears redefine

what if my lips are shut
suffering alone forever
will you then be mine


at what cost


to render useless a life
but for a cause
is it justified?

the lives left behind
helpless and broken
to be crucified?

and the cause stands
losing another soul
with hope paralyzed

getting on with life
forgetting to learn
from mistakes unrealized

just listen

A photo by Redd Angelo.

why is it that what i say
and what you hear
is always out of sync

my truths are your lies
your darkness for my light
wouldn’t it make you think

and yet i stand here
resolute and alone
taking the road high

and there you are
always with a reason
to say goodbye



betrayed by my own kith
over faces unknown
and years of love and trust
puff… gone

my existence to you a ghost
or a plane parallel
treatment to me so silent
shivered universe all

the darkness in you i see
i am not a match
walking around you on eggshells
can’t let those chicken hatch