the world around me
crumbling carelessly
and there i stand
on the edge of despair

who am i if all is lost
why am i the one still
here and now as it ends
lone, sad and mourning

should i feel guilty
of making it all the way
or should i rejoice
for i am still standing

maybe i should look closer
as the world still spins
and it’s me alone, gone
clinging to hope


truth hurts


why is it so hard
to squeeze in a word
from time to time

proficiency nullified
when faced with reality
of someone to pine

over, just like that
heartbroken and alone
and fears redefine

what if my lips are shut
suffering alone forever
will you then be mine



it’s been too long to count
the days of my love for you
immovable through stormy life
yet unrequited throughout

my use to you was to be used
for your whims were my commands
only to be discarded after
like stale news of old yester

at least you could’ve hated me
i would’ve cherished the vehemence
all i could see was indifference
unworthy to elicit an emotion


loneliness by nature is lonely
thrilling matches witnessed alone
long walks and empty hands
dinner for one, staring at walls
i strategically lit my home
for shadows are my friends now