Change is common. So is the feeling everytime something changes dramatically. Some people revel in it. Others, not so much. Cautiously approaching the unknown, taking there own time to deal with the questions life has to offer at every turn. I might be in the latter group, trying desperately to get to a point where change won’t bother me. I’ve failed miserably so far. As much as I want to be completely fine with it, I seem to get a bit worried. Maybe it’s natural. Maybe it isn’t. Either way, it happens and I’ve to deal with it with a thumping heart. Every single time. I hope the changes that are about to happen are the kind that propels me into a position I want to be in. I know things will be tough, and there’ll be occasions when I’ll feel flummoxed. But I do hope I’ll have the strength to face them. I hope I’ll get to a position where I can revel these changes. I hope my thumping heart will be able to control itself. I hope these changes make my life better. I hope these changes improve my take on life. I hope.