logged off lives


in the middle of the city
away from serenity
there’s a place noisy and loud
underneath polluted cloud

i like it here, it’s nice
the bustle, the noise
makes me part of humanity
maintaining my sanity

but what’s that i see morphing
connected humans, quietly working
never seeing eye to eye
never a hello, never a bye

the blaring roars are gone now
don’t know why, don’t know how
all i hear is silence, shitty
right in the middle of the city


not connected

violent thoughts occupy me
betrayed by my own
we shared a life together
every night, every morn

and you left me hanging
staring into the abyss
the dreams we had together
witnessing that kiss

you made all my troubles vanish
gave me a world of opportunities
i can’t find a trace of yours now
no matter how much i pray the deities

i wish you’d come back now
for it is my only will
without you o my internet
how am i to netflix and chill