the rampant betrayal of self
is it really worth it
or do you think i’ll take you back
lack of esteem

you should’ve just conveyed
what was in your heart
instead you chose to string mine
till it broke in millions

now i rage not for the hurt
but for the future we could’ve had
if it weren’t for your delusions
thinking it was just a game



a secret in those eyes
hidden away, locked
the betrayal and the lies
i feel i’m being mocked

a feeling uneasy, every time
i look at you now
and you say everything’s fine
yet you broke the vow

would you gain back the trust
so unceremoniously broken
or give in again to lust
and be just a token

a secret never for another ear
but only for those eyes
staring through the crumpled mirror
and with it, it shall die