if i read what you have to say
am i to like it if it’s good
or should i be jealous
for you achieved what i couldn’t

the depth in your words
the pain in your lines
and all i can muster up
are some nonsensical rhymes

i am full of doubt and mediocrity
but you a wizard of words
my reverence for you is taking over
and yet can’t stop feeling jealous


logged off lives


in the middle of the city
away from serenity
there’s a place noisy and loud
underneath polluted cloud

i like it here, it’s nice
the bustle, the noise
makes me part of humanity
maintaining my sanity

but what’s that i see morphing
connected humans, quietly working
never seeing eye to eye
never a hello, never a bye

the blaring roars are gone now
don’t know why, don’t know how
all i hear is silence, shitty
right in the middle of the city

screeching soul

a life in balance, hung
and stares stuck to screen
unforgiving heart skipping beats
just waiting for a ring

but the light never turned
even with signals high
clinging hope slipping away
and sad reality, nigh

what i thought a serious business
for you was just a game
you broke my soul, crushed my dreams
i curse you all the same



dread flowing through veins
aware of the crippling fears
of the brain
scenarios out of control
concocted in the mind
with self disdain
need to be one with everything
to get a hold of sanity
back again

death sentence

a long quest to obtain
the cursed youth fountain
for the ability to sustain
the morals and to maintain
chains around who contain
no strength to abstain
vices taller than mountain
ergo my choices will pertain
to destroy and to detain
for sanity itself to attain