just listen

A photo by Redd Angelo. unsplash.com/photos/60fa9BMxvpE

why is it that what i say
and what you hear
is always out of sync

my truths are your lies
your darkness for my light
wouldn’t it make you think

and yet i stand here
resolute and alone
taking the road high

and there you are
always with a reason
to say goodbye


not today

not today, my love
not when the skies bleed
not when the lands parch
not when the clocks stop
don’t break my heart


the sweet nothings i whispered
were for you, not for one soul another
i thought we were together, up or down
here i am, without a shadow, full of doubt

tell me why? isn’t it the least i deserve
after all i lost, an answer to remember
shards of trust through broken heart
never again am i letting you close

i am sin


the more i stare
the more they stare back
i just want him
the one behind the mirror


why am i to save
a life that’s not mine
for i am better
far better than you


don’t pray for me
i don’t desire blessings
if you want however
your money will do


i could’ve eased your
pain when you were hurting
maybe next time
i’m busy tonight


you, insignificant you
i won’t let you get away
with what you did to me
my wrath will destroy you


you chose him
the clown who made you laugh
after all the things
i bought you


if you think it’ll work
i pity your rotten life
for there’s no one better
than me, i’m rejecting you


i was always better
there were no mistakes i made
she’s the one who couldn’t
understand my eminence


gentle nudge to bring me back

from the serene dream i had

your warm touch embraced

unlike that bright ball of fire

trying to shine brighter than you

how embarrassing for him

losing to but a dream of mine

a tragedy he shall face

for you are much more divine

when i open my eyes you

will be there smiling at me

unlike the eternity i woke up

to a weightless pillow



Brutal are the nights
When you get in fights
Brutal are the days
When I get some space

Brutal is the moment
When you lament
Brutal is the time
When I’m fine

Brutal is my life
When you speculate rife
Brutal is my being
When I’m trusting

Brutal life no more
Euphoria at my core
The moment you I ditch