the voices in my head
so many rumblings like
bees homebound
the first glance of the girl
in school uniform when
we were young
the first kiss on the lips
parted, nervous fun
the success and the failure
each towards something
something big and beautiful
a life. levied, lived, loved
memories shared with
strangers, secrets told
they are worth something
to me, if i’m being bold
stories to strangers like
water to parched tongue
a voice justified just might
quench the desire of
life but in minutes
somehow somewhere there’s
one exactly for this story
and yet the murmurs inside
my head fighting for authority
so many voices, so many pleads
running like rabid dogs after
a thunderstorm
am i to search to no avail
or find within
somehow, the soothing sensation
of the one who first spoke to me
with love never seen before
undeniable, unquestionable
how could i forget that sweet
voice, none better i ever heard
go ahead, tell my story




I travel along the long road
I see my shadow following me…
Desperate, eager to overshadow me
I travel along the long road
Triumphant, joyous I feel. I won.

I change my path,
I travel along;
Now I see myself following my own shadow…
Desperate, eager I run down;
No avail!
My shadow-my own shadow, shadowed me over…
Triumphant, joyous she feels. She won!

The sun goes down
So does my shadow
Now I walk down all alone
Only to realize that
Victory and Failure; joy and sorrow;
Are inseparable!

I change my path…
I travel down the long road…
Triumphant, joyous! I feel I am born!