betrayed by my own kith
over faces unknown
and years of love and trust
puff… gone

my existence to you a ghost
or a plane parallel
treatment to me so silent
shivered universe all

the darkness in you i see
i am not a match
walking around you on eggshells
can’t let those chicken hatch


no more

nah… i’ve endured enough for you
no more shall i come to your rescue
a toy to play with and then
shove it under the bed
discarded. disposed off
away from any living gaze

while you roam around with
someone else
catering to every whims of
this creature
and i endure…
pain… regret… loss.

only for you to come back with
tears to soak my shirt
and me to just be happy while
i cry… i shout… i tremble…
to blind eyes and deaf ears
no more

this, here is when
i let you go
this, here, is when
i take a stand
this, here, is when
i become free!


is it fair to stab in the back
a person you held dear
the ruthlessness of the society
made you do that you fear
might someday happen to you

advantage over relations
pragmatic over emotions
at what cost, though
promises on occasions
are now buried declarations

what’s left behind
is a broken heart
and a soul unhealing
even sobs have choked
themselves to sleep