Erratic Thoughts # 63

Sometimes, you know things will not go your way. No matter what you do… That doesn’t mean you get to give up! 


Erratic Thoughts # 62

Just keep going. Making up for lost time. And every time asking yourself – what if… 

What if I paid attention to the constant motion of the clock? Would I still be here? Rambling nonsensical bullshit, shouting into the abyss? 

Erratic Thoughts # 60

I don’t think this dreamworld is helping me as much as I’d like. Reality, for all its problems is far helpful in shaping a person than dreams. Not that there is anything wrong with dreaming, but reality matters more. 

You can still wish you were Neo, though. That’s absolutely fine! 

Erratic Thoughts # 59

Confrontation is hard. You don’t want to come out looking like a jackass. However, you don’t want to let people walk all over you either. It’s important to speak up. But keep in mind that humility goes a long way. And humiliation is just going to find its way back to you if you use it on others for petty reasons.