A photo by Julia Caesar. unsplash.com/photos/DpoMKEARZe4

a little hair out of place
a little longer in the bed
a little decibel higher
and i am judged

there’s a finality in that guess
no heed given to what i said
trying to balance a high wire
still i am judged

that plastered smile on your face
is that purple skirt with red
like a hooker on hire
yes, you are judged

everyone judges everyone else
but judge themselves, they see red
and yet goes on, this quagmire
we are all fucked

just listen

A photo by Redd Angelo. unsplash.com/photos/60fa9BMxvpE

why is it that what i say
and what you hear
is always out of sync

my truths are your lies
your darkness for my light
wouldn’t it make you think

and yet i stand here
resolute and alone
taking the road high

and there you are
always with a reason
to say goodbye

waiting for you


withdrawn from the world
alone for a long quest
inhibited and furled
thriving on my own zest
inundated as solitude hurled
never felt such unrest
geared for a life whirled
fear thumping neath chest
optimistic yet curled
rational, yet with unrest
yearning for love swirled
one day it will attest
until then, my world…



betrayed by my own kith
over faces unknown
and years of love and trust
puff… gone

my existence to you a ghost
or a plane parallel
treatment to me so silent
shivered universe all

the darkness in you i see
i am not a match
walking around you on eggshells
can’t let those chicken hatch