dice and life

​how different would have been
a life with decisions different
a better road, a better future
alas! potholes are all i have



am i worthless now
to be discarded heartless
never to be remembered
ever again

what used to be confidence
is replaced with fear
all these eyes can see now
is failure

am i worthless now
with the world moving on
why would they have space
for news old

with these feet shaking
but with a mention of fate
seemingly agreeing
they can’t dance anymore

am i worthless now
for the truth is clear
what was once a legend
is lost forever

my successful mistakes


a dread spread throughout
for a decision can change life
regret will be the only friend
and the wound will be rife

but isn’t it better if it’s me
who is responsible for his own
mistakes that are made on the way
instead of blaming people unknown

so let me face my failure
for success is elusive but nigh
give up myself for a shortcut
my god you must be high

miserable bully

a laughing stock for everyone
that’s all i am anymore
made a fool again, and then some
disheartened to the core

what was it that i did to you
was it really my folly
or was it a ploy to humiliate me
for my tears made you jolly

are you happy with my misery now
did it bring you joy
or are you another misery yourself
and this happiness, just a ploy

leftover lectures

to listen to everyone
with no thoughts
to your thoughts
rambling away their lives
just so you can put on
a face of resemblance
semblance to the ideas
that otherwise are thrown
away, not around

to indulge insanity
momentarily and forgetting
to set a clock against
pain and suffering
from incoherence stretched
for eternity and beyond
wishing all the while
to have the strength
to say – shut up