thrill of a secret, behind closed door
hushed voices, scared to the core
a drag, this life, a drag to forget
needle underneath, and now it’s too late

buried with burden, i’m free no more
ripped hearts i see, i see promises i tore
undone by lows, high only to hate
quest a happy life, alas! sealed fate


Confronting Calories

Have you ever had to do a calorie count? I started doing that a few days ago and it is hard. Instead of finding ways to eat healthy, I try to find mislabeled and misleading products on the app.

I downed half a tub of ice cream yesterday and managed to find the product added by someone where they… ahem… forgot to add sugar. Yay! I met my goal.

In all seriousness though, when you are confronted with the reality, you tend to either face it head on, or ignore it completely. And it’s easy to ignore. Somehow I felt guilty all day. But then I reminded myself how good the taste was and I felt free again.

I think the most difficult part is to follow through. A day missed, and you are back on the bandwagon of unhealthy diet. Hopefully this wasn’t one of those days.

I might choose to update my progress on the blog every now and again just to keep myself accountable. Until then, sugar free coke zero will be my best friend… Kidding! I was thinking red bull!