a call out of the blue

i miss my friends
scattered around every which way
i miss my friends

a song overheard
we used to sing together, out of tune
lyrically lazy

cheapest soda
only to get more and more, wasting time
how precious

riding a moped
sitting four with olympian skills
on a flat tyre

not lazy, now crazy busy
gulping pricey liquids alone
four seater, sits one



friends all over the world

successful, significant

working a dream

job, satisfied and justified

the work

that went in

skyping, texting

every year

happy birthday


and on it goes, the wait

365 days more

for another 3 words

i wish i could

turn back time

talk about the school

parties, month in advance

drop by your homes

just to say hi, and

stay. long.

conspire against teachers

bear the burnt


be unabashed

without care or


be kids one more




Brutal are the nights
When you get in fights
Brutal are the days
When I get some space

Brutal is the moment
When you lament
Brutal is the time
When I’m fine

Brutal is my life
When you speculate rife
Brutal is my being
When I’m trusting

Brutal life no more
Euphoria at my core
The moment you I ditch

Mercy! Please…

Assignments, assignments and more assignments! Whoa… I just cant believe these teachers can be so harsh (well, the are harsh always – but just to say 🙂  ) . “Complete this today,” “submit that tomorrow itself” – and what not was the prime sentence of every professor  today… Man, they should actually remember how they felt when they were studying… please have some pity on us for God’s sake…