366 of 366

​Somehow I managed to post everyday for the past year. Perhaps, I ended up with completing an unspoken resolution. Now that I sit here and look back at the months, I can see the ups and downs so vividly.

2016 was not the best year for me. In fact it was one of the worst. This little nook online was the only hopeful thing that happened to me. I guess that is precisely why I kept coming back. Sometimes the things you take for granted will let you know their worth when you least expect it. So much happened all around me. And even with that, all I could manage was to stay motionless. No matter how hard I tried to move, I just couldn’t. Made me feel helpless. The fact that I made through the year in a somewhat sane state is a miracle onto itself. I think this blog was a lot helpful in achieving that.

I don’t know what the next year holds. No one does. All I can do is to stay positive that it will be better. I am hopeful. After all after the rock bottom that was 2016, the only way is up. 


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