New Dawn

It’s always difficult to adjust to new surroundings. New people, new places, make it difficult to make sense of the most common things

Meeting new people gets intimidating, especially when the people are accomplished in their areas of expertise and know what the hell they are talking about. You look like a newbie trying to make sense of the world. Trying to get up on your feet. The world seems a whole lot different even when you know it’s not. My recent change and feelings could be attributed to exactly these things. Somehow, my brain seems to be churning out a whole lot of scenarios in a very small amount of time. Doubts, swirling my head. Hope, running through my heart. Fear, gripping my veins. It’s anxious and existing out there. 

So, here I am. Facing my fears. Amongst peers. Looking for a better life. Cheers. 


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