The daily prompts are getting a bit boring now. I don’t know if that’s due to me trying to do most of them or because they are actually boring. Or maybe the rut is getting to me. I don’t want that. But sometimes you can’t control these things. The whole point is to be able to get through and come out the other side. I’m trying that.

Right now, it’s getting difficult to manage life. I feel pretty stressed out about tomorrow. And tomorrow I’ll feel the same about the day after. What I need right now is some change in the everyday proceedings. It’s funny how difficult any transition can be. Being unsure of yourself seems to be part of the job.

As to how long this will take is something I can’t put my finger on. There’s something called theory of inertia which states that objects that are moving or stationary will remain to do so unless acted upon by an external force. That’s actually the first law of motion. Seems to resonate a lot in life, not just the realm of physics. I need to find an external force to get out of this inertia. Act, you imbalanced force, act.


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