i am sin


the more i stare
the more they stare back
i just want him
the one behind the mirror


why am i to save
a life that’s not mine
for i am better
far better than you


don’t pray for me
i don’t desire blessings
if you want however
your money will do


i could’ve eased your
pain when you were hurting
maybe next time
i’m busy tonight


you, insignificant you
i won’t let you get away
with what you did to me
my wrath will destroy you


you chose him
the clown who made you laugh
after all the things
i bought you


if you think it’ll work
i pity your rotten life
for there’s no one better
than me, i’m rejecting you


i was always better
there were no mistakes i made
she’s the one who couldn’t
understand my eminence


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