There Are Times

About This Poem: I was actually blank during my physics paper and suddenly some words popped into my head… This is just a better presentation of all those scrambled thoughts… Here goes…

There are times
When weak gets strengthened;
There are times
When fools get mentioned,

There are times
When big guns fear;
There are times
When even cowards do dare…

There are times
When nothing goes wrong;
There are times
When everything does…

Then why do people
Make such fuss
It’s life after all
It’s boon and it’s curse…

There are times
When mind goes dumb;
There are times
When heart goes deaf,

You can’t hear
You can’t speak
Then suddenly you see
Life turns overleaf…

There are times
When thoughts can’t be expressed,
There are times
When souls are depressed,

There are times
When you burst with tears;
There are times
When feelings are suppressed.
Such is this life
Live it or leave it
But before your decision
Listen to your voice
Like every human being
You have a choice

Choose to LEAVE
And you will regret
Choose to LIVE
And you’ll experience…
At times…
Life is great!


8 thoughts on “There Are Times

  1. Nice post. It was hilarious that you got this idea during the exam. Jokes apart, you’ve covered various walks in your poem. It was entertaining from the start till the end. On the whole, I would give you a thumbs up. Keep posting more like this.


  2. Man that was awesome
    Although i could’nt read it on the bench you wrote but the meaning of the poem goes well with the paper we got

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